Frequently asked questions

1. What happens when my child finishes their set homework – what do they do?

Each student will have a set program, at their own level to carry on with. Parents are able to identify, through our student background information sheet, an area that they would like their child to work on. It may be basic math concepts, spelling, writing skills or problem solving.

Students will also have access to computers and ipads for extra tuition support.

2. Do you provide food?

Birrung Education has toast, an array of fresh fruit and spreads including vegemite, jam and cheese available for students both morning and afternoon but we do ask that children either have or are sent with a substantial breakfast and encourage parents to pack a healthy afternoon snack that your child will enjoy, such as sandwiches, rice, sushi etc that will provide enough brain power to get them through each session.

Each child has an individual taste and it is impossible for us to cater for each individual need.

We do stress that you not send and nuts, lollies, chocolates, cordials or sweet treats as these will not help concentration levels.

3. Can I book my child in for just a few lessons during the term?

No. To assist with your child′s learning development, we provide consistent, regular lessons. When you book a ‘session’ you will have that time each week for the duration of the term.

Absolutely. Each student is welcome to come as many times a week as you like.

4. Can I book my child into more than one session a week?

Absolutely. Each student is welcome to come as many times a week as you like.

5. Are you a before and after school care centre?

No. We provide group and individual tuition both inside and outside of school hours for students of all ages.

6. What hours are you open?

We are open from 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment on weekends.