Study skills, exam preparation and learning techniques are not something that are regularly or typically taught at school, but at Birrung Education we have people who can help with these things.
Providing students with the tools and know-how of studying takes a great deal of stress and pressure out of exam periods. We like to teach our students that study is not something done only in the fortnight leading up to an exam period, but something that should be done regularly each week throughout the school term and year. By providing simple guidelines, instructions and skills we find that our students are better prepared than most.

We all know that exam times bring stress to students and the extended family. By preparing our students early with organisational tools including timetabling, notetaking, reference making etc, we see better outcomes and calmer, happier students (and parents).

Learning techniques are often the key to success. Each student is individual and learns in a different way at a different pace. Many students do not fall into the general learning catagory and do not thrive in the classroom environment within varying learning areas. We are able to work on and help find the key to unlocking these and then create and develop techniques to facilitate each student′s learning.