What we do
At Birrung Education, we provide a flexible learning environment where students are able to complete set homework with assistance. We are here to facilitate independent working and study skills and to assist in the learning adventures that our students face.

Why an Education Centre
Let’s face it – life is busy! If we can combine learning and completing set tasks in one package, we know that it is providing a less stressful home with more free time. Whilst we are not here to complete homework tasks for students, we are here to assist, encourage, guide and raise the bar.

Why have lessons before school
A number of students work better first thing of a morning. At Birrung Education we like to make the most of the mornings, hence providing families with the opportunity to utilise what is often the best part of the day for many learners.

Drop off and pick up of Cammeray Public School students
Our office is located on Miller Street within a short and safe walking distance to Cammeray Public School. As an extra service to our busy families, we provide
Cammeray Public School students with a walking bus to and from school.
Parents are able to drop off at the centre from 7am for our group tuition and we will have students at school for 9am, providing them with enough time to get organised for the day and to meet up with friends in the playground before school commences.
Knowing how many parents are trying to juggle work and family, it is our pleasure to be able to offer to collect the students after school from a designated ‘pick up’ point and walk them to our centre. Upon arrival students will have the opportunity for afternoon tea and ‘unwinding’ while a member of our team reads to students. After this – we are into our program.

Group education times
We have group session times both before and after school Monday to Friday.
During this time students will have the opportunity to work individually, with peers and with our educators. We will ensure that all students have completed their set homework before moving on with their individual learning and group activities.